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Boost your income immediately with our licence free workouts! teach in any location or venue, worldwide.

We are not a virtual, streamed or home workout, our tracks are taught live, by real coaches and instructors.

A simple 1 day certification course enables you to access and download over 100 workouts, with free media pack and exercise technique library for only £8.99

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1 Day Metafit course (level 2 ETM, Fitness or PT qualified only)

  • Mobilisation, Activation and dynamic warm ups
  • Metabolic effects and Fat burning. Busting the myths/ Core not Abs
  • Interval and Tabata techniques
  • Bodyweight training progressions/ regressions
  • Teaching the Metafit 30 minute workout.
  • Media/Monthly track Downloads/ Marketing

Course Fee - £195

Once you're certified sign up for Monthly Music Downloads, Workout Videos and more for £8.99 per month