About Metafit

The Metafit™  group workout is an effective and simple tool for fitness professionals looking for the workout that gets big results and increases client retention and revenue. To burn fat you need to change the resting metabolism, work big muscle groups with simple un choreographed, high intensity intervals and get quick results for your clients. The Metafit workout can be taught as a studio class, small group or as a one to one/personal training session. Our trademarked, branded media are now recognised as the original HIIT workout. Metafit is NOT A HOME WORKOUT OR AVAILABLE ON DVD, IT IS A CLASS TAUGHT LIVE BY QUALIFIED COACHES.

Created by a former Royal Marine Commando Metafit™ combines traditional bodyweight exercises with the latest HIIT training techniques to set the metabolism on fire! No expensive kit required for this workout, each month our qualified instructors receive an easy to download 25 minute, branded workout track with all commands and work/ rest intervals uploaded. keep ahead of the competition and join the Metafit revolution. See our instructor page for the next available 1 day course date and venue.Check out the video below, made by one of our fantastic Metafit coaches. If you are a class goer, check out our ‘Find a Coach’ page to locate your nearest class.

The Metafit™ Team

Justin Corcoran

Justin has over 20 years experience as a coach, athlete, gym owner and creator of Metafit. He has trained elite soldiers, top sports professionals and many personal clients. A former Royal Marine and Ironman triathlete he knows about fitness and conditioning.

“The Metafit 30 minute bodyweight training system gets results! it is a functional and effective, metabolic workout that will change the way you train”


Nick Darling

Nick Darling is a former national gymnast who has competed and worked with some of the worlds leading coaches and athletes.

Nicks attention to technique and exercise detail is what makes the Metafit bodyweight training system so functional and effective. Nick runs his own consultancy business and has a large client base.